A 22-year-old over ambitious girl as I love to call myself. Hi, I’m Mayuri from Pune, currently pursuing my Post Graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication in Mumbai.

There are a lot of things that I┬álove doing and the first on my list is undoubtedly ‘eating’. I’m that friend who keeps on eating without increasing slightest bit of weight. I find myself lucky about it because I literally live to eat.

I’ve realised that I can express what I feel in a better way when I write it. And as an observer there are a lot of things that I feel and cannot express. So, this is the place where I can express in the best way about what I see and what I feel.



The blog is a “soft story” blog where I will share stories that influenced me and changed the way I look at life. It can be a story of a person, an object, a city or even a tree.

Do subscribe if you agree that small things do make a difference in our lives and that little stories have great influence. Your opinions are what I would love to hear so do leave a comment.